About us

WARCA (World Amateur Radio Contesting Association) is an international non-profit organization headquartered in Brunnen, Switzerland. It was organized by a group of HF contest aficionados, who are willing to promote amateur radio contesting, especially among the youth.

WARCA was founded in 2019 by Gene (W3UA), Matthias (HB9JCI) and Marco (HB9OCR). Countless other contesters and computer experts are currently working on multiple projects, among them are Eugene (W1AAU), Victor (VA2WA), Igor (RA3AUU), and others, some from WARCA Top 50, some working toward getting into Top 5000…

We are open to cooperation with all contesting enthusiasts. If you are willing to help us to shape the future of amateur radio contesting, please join us. We are looking for experts in programming, PR, marketing and, of course, contesting.

Contact WARCA

Rubisacherrain 25
CH-6440 Brunnen, Switzerland

E-Mail: warca@warca.org